With the background of In-Kal Group, our professional staff, experiences and technical expertise enable us to secure outstanding events such as Diáksziget / Sziget Festival, Miskolc Beer Festival, Budapest Parade, Contact Day (T-Mobile), Mayday, Sports Island, Hysteria, Balaton Sound , Volt Festival in Sopron, Azfeszt, International Aviation Day and Military Demonstration in Kecskemét, Fél-Sziget Festival (Tirgu Mures, Transylvania), World Orienteering Championship, Snow Attack (France), 20th Water, Music, Flower Festival (Tata, Old Lake, Castle Park).
In recognition of our professional work, our staff as the only Hungarian security company had the opportunity to secure events abroad such as the Champions League football matches and the Fél-Sziget Festival in Tirgu Mures, Transylvania. We have secured MTK Hungária Boulevard for 11 years and the FTC Üllői út Stadiums for 8 years. We took care of the safety of Vasas, Kispest matches, too. From 1996 to 2002, we secured the Hungarian national team’s matches in the National Stadium. No serious disruption occurred during our services.